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Computer Viruses or Trojan Programs can steal your personal information without you knowing. Often they cause your computer to run very slowly and do strange things. We have been removing viruses since 1992 and can recommend programs and methods to assist you in helping to keep your computer safe and running smoothly. 


Milton's Computers is here to help you at Home or at your business. We are happy to visit your premises  to assess your needs and get your problems solved WARNING  - TRICKY EMAILS CAN INFECT  YOUR  COMPUTER AND ENCRYPT YOUR FILES . AND DEMAND RANSOM
Mailwasher can help
you sort your emails more safely - Have a Free 30 Day trial and save time and worry ! 
See the Link above to download and install the full program.



Are you worried about your photos etc on your faulty computer or do you just need information moved from the old computer to a new computer. Allow us to assess your needs and recover your information and recommend a reliable method to easily keep a backup of your important information.. We also repair many types of Windows based computers including Laptops and Netbooks. Call Milton 0419226032 for more information.

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Helping People for Over 30 Years        

Computer Repairs

We can repair most Windows Based computers even 20  Year Old ones

Data Recovery

We can recover most lost data and move onto media that you can access and help you to backup information

Security Solutions

We can supply and install programs and systems to help protect your data and and computer from many malicious threats and keep your identity and personal information safer.